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Isle Help is a partnership of organisations on the Isle of Wight with an interest in the provision of advice information and guidance services. We believe more can be achieved for the Island community by taking a collaborative approach than working completely separately.

Isle Help is managed by Isle Help CIC but delivers many of its activities through partnership between Isle Help Network Members. The CIC is also a funded strategic partner of the Isle of Wight Council.

Isle Help CIC is a Community Interest Company, which means it was established for community benefit and it is subject to an “asset lock” which prevents use of its resources other than for community benefit. The CIC is jointly owned by Isle of Wight Citizens Advice Bureau and Age UK (Isle of Wight). Isle Help aims to be a focal point for partnership between a wide range of organisations and so the governance structures of the CIC have been set up to maximise opportunities for all organisations in the partnership to have meaningful input into the strategic direction of Isle Help.

Becoming a member

If your organisation has an interest in the provision of advice, information and guidance to people on the Isle of Wight then you may be eligible to join the network.

Why should we join?

Opportunities to bid for funding with other agencies or to use Isle Help membership to demonstrate your collaborative working credentials to funders.

Isle Help C.I.C. will be developing new projects, working with network partners  and will also be well positioned to help move forward ideas for collaborative projects brought forward by network members. When developing your own individual projects your membership of the network is likely to add weight to your bid, showing that you have the ability to work with others and draw on the strengths of a larger network of organisations.

Contribute to the development of Isle Help and its future strategic projects

Isle Help exists to make voluntary sector advice and information services better. By joining the network you can contribute to the development of the Isle Hep Network, feed in to decision making processes within Isle Help C.I.C. and help shape future direction. The network directly elects one of the directors of Isle Help C.I.C. to ensure representation of the network in decisions made by the board.

Closer links with other advice organisations

Benefit from the expertise of other organisations, sharing good practice, information and ideas.

Opportunities to work on joint projects with other organisations

The network will foster new collaborative projects, enabling organisations to come together and work on a variety of services to maximise their impact for the local community.

Joint referral management system

Isle Help is managing referrals more effectively by using an on-line referral system. This has the effect of reducing repetition as clients move between organisations, giving a better user experience and reducing the workload for all organisations. By joining the network you can help to continually develop the systems that make this possible and, if appropriate, utilise the referral system yourself.

Collective information gathering and understanding to better understand needs on the Island

Isle Help will be developing improved systems for collecting and sharing information between network organisations.

Membership Requirements

We ask all members to adhere to some basic requirements. These are here to make sure the network functions effectively for all its members not as a barrier to participation. If you need help meeting any of this please get in touch.


  1. Sign up to the Isle Help Equality and Diversity Statement. (Application form Appendix A)
  2. Confirm that your staff and volunteers are fully aware of your data protection policies and their responsibilities and the consequences of breaching the Data Protection Act.
  3. Communicate experience of Isle Help and the benefits of working together as a network to other organisations.
  4. Participate in Network Events and the Annual Review to share practice and improve advice giving across the Isle of Wight.
  5. Act with integrity towards Isle Help and its network members, including using the network to support other organisations rather than gain advantage over them.
  6. Only refer to your membership of Isle Help in funding bids with the explicit agreement of the Isle Help Board.
  7. Proactively contribute to the network and the furtherance of its aims.


How to apply

(Click Here for Membership Application Form)

Applications are welcomed from any community organisation with an interest in advice, information or guidance on any issue. To apply please complete the form (Click Here) then submit or print out a copy and return it to Isle Help CIC, 7 High street, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 1SS or email to garyd@iwcab.org.uk. There is currently no membership fee.

Acceptance into membership of the Isle Help Network is at the discretion of the Isle Help Board. By joining the network an organisation does not become a member of the C.I.C. or hold any voting rights.

Referral System

If your organisation provides advice and information you may benefit from joining our referral system, enabling you to refer clients directly to other agencies and/or receive client referrals. Joining the referral system is not an automatic part of joining the network and won’t be appropriate for all organisations. Ifyou indicate an interest in utilising the referral system an appointment will be made to discuss this at more length. Indicating your interest does not commit you to joining the referral system; it simply indicates your interest in finding out if it would be appropriate for your organisation.

Termination of membership

An organisation may leave the network at any time. An organisation’s membership may be terminated by the board if it ceases to meet the requirements for membership or continued membership would be detrimental to Isle Help. Such action would normally be a last resort and any organisation removed from membership may appeal that decision to the board within 21 days.

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